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   the premier , creative  senior  Photography  studio in the Big Rapids area

Your senior portraits should bring out your best qualities.  They should express who you are.  They do not all have to look alike.  So why would you go anywhere else?

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               Cool Stuff

Original composites and art prints & posters.  These designs are all about YOU and having FUN!


An individual look and mood to match your own style and personality. Not everyone gets the same thing.

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Bring your, hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, hunting, fishing...It’s your sport!

Whatever is near and dear to your heart.

240 fab on-site acres of fields, trees, flowers & a private lake for spectacular pictures.

Your favorite place or let us scout a really cool spot for you

Look at our portraits.  Then look at other studio’s portraits.

The difference is very clear and worth it.

Photo Boutique is the only choice when you just have to have the coolest wallets in town

You are free to choose any photographer you want,

you are not required to use your school’s contract photographer


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