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”Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow- mindedness”....Mark Twain


I am married to the love of my life. I am a photographer/artist/parent/grandparent

I started my photography career as a staff photographer for TV 9 & 10 (commercial and portrait). I attended and graduated from the June Judson Modeling School to help me understand the subtleties of posing women.

I spent 3 years exhibiting my personal photo art and writing poetry (1st place Texas writers award) while living on South Padre Island, Texas. We then headed north to Grass Valley and Rough and Ready, California where I had the opportunity to be trained in color printing; an education that helps me everyday.  My husband Brad and I opened our 1st studio/lab in Northern California and the thrill of studio photography began.

The years spent printing for professional photographers gave me the skills to understand the details of good imagery and why a picture “works” or not.

We went further north and opened our 2nd studio/lab, I went into portraiture with new energy, new skills and new devotion and used my talents in our new studio in Oregon City, Oregon with additional lighting skills and better tools and continued photographing, seniors, babies, children, families and weddings in an exciting new city environment.

Eventually the lack of hearing the song birds’ singing began to haunt me and we packed up and headed for the thriving art community of Astoria, Oregon. I resumed my art work while living and working as a wedding, portrait and event photographer on the spectacular Oregon coast.  Brad and I eventually returned to our families in Northern Michigan. We have been making beautiful images in our home state for many years...and listening to the birds’ sweet songs in the morning..one of the many features we love about our studio ....birds, butterflies, and an environment that soothes our clients.  It isn’t hard to relax and smile when surrounded by peace and beauty.  Welcome to our world!


1/31/81 -  I married Sharon and began my lifelong career and love for photography.

South Padre Island, Texas is where I built my first photo exhibit and display sets for our photo art shows. I learned that light-weight and portable is critical.  Today, I still build backgrounds and sets for family and commercial location photography. I can now easily set up for huge groups and reunions.

We opened our first studio/color lab in Rough & Ready, California just an hour south of Lake Tahoe and 2 hours north of San Francisco in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. We became the lab of choice for specialty clients and artists (cibachrome, black & white, color). The California movie industry and the wedding world entered our lives and we began serious model head shots, commercial and wedding photography.

The city lured us further north and we opened our second studio in Oregon City, Oregon (a suburb of Portland) in order to polish our skills as photographers while competing in a major city market. I began a long and successful era as an expert in the matting and framing side of our photo business. I went on to frame important archival and historic pieces of art for community projects. I continued my dedication to wedding photography and family portraiture and became involved in mural projects, t-shirt design and other interesting ventures.

I have been shooting weddings and families for 20 years with an eye always for the interesting and unexpected.  I am an expert with lighting and backgrounds and attend to our clients with confidence and consideration, not only for their ease and comfort, but to help create the Photo Boutique images that stand the test of time.

Sharon and I operate our studio with passion and a love for the extraordinary,  we use our artistic talents not just for art prints and gallery work but in our family, commercial, high school seniors, groups, children, sports, wedding, baby and all our portraiture..every project gets our full attention to detail.

We provide heirloom style photography so generations from now your images will be admired as beautiful works of art and your personalities will shine through to the viewer.  Welcome to the Photo Boutique.


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